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  1. I have a Idolo L7 Female (last molt 3 weeks ago) for $60. + $40. USPS 2 day = $100.

  2. I have several sub adult female ghosts. How long has your males had their wings? 

  3. she laid a small ooth about 2 weeks after mating. kept getting bigger and bigger.until a small hole on her back starting oozing black goo. Feces? i let her go on until final twitching months later. maybe should have stopped feeding her as much even though she'd eat?

  4. Wish I would have known.

  5. Hi, Still have any S.limbata(s)?

    1. Zeiss


      Hi, it's a bit late, but I didn't realize people can post here.  I did not have any left at the time.  I released them all since I didn't get interest quickly.

    2. mantis_monk


      OK Thanks for your speedy reply. ha

  6. Howdy from Flagstaff, Do you have (6) of any one species available and for how much?  Hope you're doing fine.

  7. Hi, I have (6) Adult female Creobroter.gemmattus final molt 12/30 for $12. each or 6 for $60. + $7.50 shipping.

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