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Mantises, pretty new to keeping them however, but I have always liked Praying Mantises since I found one as a 3 or 4 year old. Actually, one of my earliest memories is feeding a green Mantis an ant, playing with it during the day and releasing it only to have it come back day after day; I remember it making eye contact and thinking that it seemed much more aware than some animals--certainly more than any other insect.

I can't have pets in my building; however, that really means no dogs, cats, nor any other animal that can cause damage to the lessors property, so I figured mantises are a safe option.

So as of now I have obtained four L2 Sphodromantis lineolas and a Tenodera Sinensis ooth. One of the lineola didn't make it, but the other three are doing good so far: healthy and eating, and at proper temp. and humidity. And two are now L3s! I have been feeding them fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) so far....

I look forward to getting to know this community!


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