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  1. Howdy from Flagstaff, Do you have (6) of any one species available and for how much?  Hope you're doing fine.

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Good day

    I am interested in at least 1 of each ooth. Do you have photos of the mantis they are from? Also do these need diapause please?

  4. Hi Yen, This is Kelly Swift, I was just wondering if you got any cool mantids for sale right now?


  5. still have brunneria?


  6. Hello Yen Sorry to batter you , i need some help maybe you can help me out . 

    I got   Neobarrettia spinosa and like to breed them. I sow some pic on google and that's how i found out you have some of this guys lol. If you don't mind shearing how to incubate the eggs will be great thanks 

  7. Happy Birthday! I thought I would mention it before it actually happens. LOL

  8. HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY, Dia Dia/adik lelaki/ototo!!!

  9. I'm watching my pseudoharpax's final molt right now, good stuff :),and it wont rot my brains like some of that worthless junk on TV right now :)

  10. I wanna build some more creative enclosures now :P

    1. minard734


      Sorry I didn't mean to post that here... Xd :$

  11. Yen! Where have you been!? I miss reading your updates on your website.

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