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About Me


I am 15 years old and play baseball as well as raise mantids. 

My life story is quite long, so grab a drink and some popcorn! :D 

Right before I was born, my mom was still taking birth control pills. At this time she didn't know, but she was pregnant with me. Birth control pills can kill the baby inside. But my mom heard a voice in her head saying, "Throw those pills away." She did, and later she had a call from her friend who said, "You're pregnant." My mom was confused and asked her why she thinks that. Her friend said, "God told me." 9 months later I was born. I came out 3 weeks early, and was not able to breath. I was instantly put on a breathing machine and for 2-3 weeks they kept me and tried to bring me to heath. I then came home, but since I was born so early, I also didn't grow on my own. I also was only like 2 pounds and had no energy because I lacked iron. A couple years later, my parents started wondering why I wasn't growing. They went to the doctors, but they offered little no to help. Another 3 years later, I was still having the same issues, but my strength got worse. At 5 years old I wasn't able to walk up the stairs on my own, I was just too weak. At this point my parents needed answers. My doctor told them that I can't grow on my own, and gave them shots to give me. The doctor said to give them to me every day. After a while I started taking them and I instantly got better. I started growing, gaining strength, energy, etc. I thank God for that doctor! Fast forward to today, i'm now extremely tall for my age. Im now 6ft and playing many sports. I am very thankful that I was ok.

God is a huge part of my life, and he is teaching me more and more everyday.

I am very thankful to have found this forum and to have met so many amazing people.

I might as well add my current collection to this as well. I'll try edit it every new arrival.


- 1 Chinese mantis

- 4 spiny flower mantids

- 9 ghost mantids

- 3 Indian flower mantids

- 1 Cat eyed mantids

- 4 stagmomantis limbata

- 1 Miomantis Caffra

- 15 ooths, (Will be selling some budwings, ghosts, Chinese, and stagmo soon)


[ Total: 23 mantids ]




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