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  1. my L3 Cat eye did it for the first time when in their container and briefly moved to another room, which had quite a draft so I dont blame them. The coldness is terrifying.
  2. The tenodera sinensis ootheca arrived on January 04, 2021. Since this is my first ootheca of research, this group will be labeled The Satusovum, which in Latin translates to "start egg".
  3. Arrived here on Feb 2nd as an L2. Name is Bambie with an ie. Real curious and sweet.
  4. I love African pinstripes! They remind me of candy canes ☺ do you know how many turkestan roaches are needed to start a colony?
  5. I love her on the little car lol what a cutie 😊
  6. TheWrongCrowd


    The giant rainforest mantis looks so pretty, lovely little dudes ☺
  7. Wow these are amazing photos!
  8. Great photography, the ant one is my fav 😊
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