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Hello, im a student aspiring to be a craniofacial surgeon or marine zoologist. I am fascinated by entomology. From a very young age I was collecting isopods and selectively breeding them in habitats I built. I taught myself fundementals of biology before I learned how to write and read. I was lucky enough to have parents that had me watch nature documentaries more than mainstream kid shows. Later in my life I was diagnosed as autistic, which explains a lot of why I can immerse myself so deeply in what I love. 

Starting at age eight, when I started foster volunteering with my mother at a local animal shelter, I took care of all sorts of creatures. Before that, I was an expert at keeping chickens. My fascination grew as much as to people telling me i had to talk less about creatures. And so I didnt talk at all. Kidding. However I am selectively mute so i did usually keep quiet around other kids.

I am now getting more into mantis care. I beleive there is much more in nature than what we think, and that we can mimic ways nature deals with problems to deal with our own. I find praying mantids have many super powers of their own. From 180 degree head turns to cryptic coloration, there are many unique attributes to the mantis. My goal in keeping these guys is to study their different life styles and share their unique abilities in classrooms around Seattle, WA.

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