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  1. idolomantis


    I hear you're really good with camera,s
  2. idolomantis


    i wish i could. but there in suckland we get automaticly +30 euros when shipped from other countries then the EU.. yuck..
  3. idolomantis


    i recognize this stuff were did i see this before..... oh yea mantisplace! a well my can sucks too.. but dont take the pics out the hand.put it on table or pile of books or something.
  4. idolomantis

    Lets Liven Up

    hehe i tried to pump em full of life time to time i must say its hard to let em live... lol i almost posted twice as much each day as everyone else on this forum.. they need a good slap in tha face some may find it annoying but thats there problem. not mine. i gave up the hope 4 months ago.. lol they just did not comment or post or whtever. every1 is shy these days. lets shake them
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