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  1. "OK... You might want to skip today's subject if you're easily offended or grossed out." Lol, great pics! Unfortunately I can't contribute much to the discussion on hand
  2. happy birthday, good luck with all the mantids!

  3. Happy birthday, Rick, thanks for keeping up with the forum

  4. happy birthday Yen!

  5. The_Asa

    Some new pics

    Ok I see thanks again for the encouragement then!
  6. The_Asa

    Some new pics

    Thanks for the encouragement And good point about the other camera lol, I'm sure it will show up soon. I didn't mean to come across as though I didn't like the camera or that I was deprived in some way, I'm really enjoying the camera and realize that I'm a bit spoiled So no negatives here!
  7. The_Asa

    Some new pics

    Admittedly, not too good, but I'm happy enough with them to post. It's just almost impossible to focus I really only like the first one. I have found that it will be necessary for me to obtain a tripod
  8. The_Asa

    Widearm death

    Dang it...my only widearm died molting to adulthood last night...no idea why. Oh well, life comes and goes. Makes me glad I don't get overly attached to these things. Still, woulda been nice to have some widearm babies On a brighter note, I also received my camera today, so expect some pics when I get back tomorrow
  9. Sorry about the S. Carolina nymphs. But on the bright side, you've got a lot left. About how many mantids overall would you say you had now?
  10. The_Asa


    Looks like 20 ish. I didn't spray intentionally just because I didn't want too many...and most of the time I forget anyway =P. I'll be posting at least some pics I'm sure!
  11. The_Asa


    Y'know those Chinese mantids I caught last summer? Well it appears as though at least one of their oothecae is fertile. Came out of the shower to find them hatching...I actually didn't really want too many of them to hatch...but right now it doesn't look like there are gonna be more than 20 ( I intentionally didn't spray ). Gotta run up to the store to get some fruitflies I guess. My goal is to get 1/10th of whatever hatches to at least L5. From L5 on this species is more stable in their molting patterns. Hopefully I won't get too many unexplainable deaths... Did I mention that I finally ordered a camera? Not capable of the macro shots some of you can get, but definitely good enough for me!
  12. Happy Birthday Rob, thanks for all the contributions to the hobby!

  13. Wow, you really improved that picture. Love the modification!
  14. The_Asa

    More mantids

    Originally when they arrived the african and shield looked nearly exactly alike and were labeled as all shield so I assumed they were shields, even though that's not what I ordered. Looks like I got what I ordered however!
  15. The_Asa

    More mantids

    Been a while since I've updated and a little bit has changed. First off, a somewhat embarrassing discovery, it turns out that it appears as the nymphs have grown, the species have changed on me I had a couple deaths due to late food arrival and have 4 mantids left. 1 adult female shield mantis 1 presub (?) male widearm. 1 presub female african 1 prepresub female african They're doing fine now, being fed exclusively on lobster roaches. Unfortunately the die offs from lack of food mean I need to obtain a fresh adult male shield mantis in order to mate her. In a couple of weeks I guess I'll start looking around.
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