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  1. hi Mark, Bartek from Poland here. please contact to me on polandmantis@gmail.com - i m justina friend. now i m staying on malaysia... cheers


  3. YOU and your GREAT ideas! =)

  4. Luna Moth. They'll be flying sometime around May (I think).

  5. What kind of moth is that in your profile pic?

  6. Ha, ha! Yeah, I've got Cecropia and Luna out now... some Regals in a week or so. Love, love, love your avatar!

  7. Glad to see another "moth fancier". I'd like to join your fan club.



  8. Sporeworld. I am getting back into Mantids and I am not sure as to the meaning of BB when you say that is the food of choice. Also a question: Are you breeding lepidophorans? I love them but have never cultured any.

  9. HAHAHA! I think you are confusing ME with the person you see when you look in the mirror! YOU are the awesome one here.. not me. ;-)

  10. Ha, ha! Tikka AND Lassooni! Naan bread and Masala, too! Mmmmm...

  11. I think I would trade my turkey for chicken tikka any day!

  12. Sporeworld your generous and awesome Dude,Thanks

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