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  1. probably has an ulcer

  2. got my mind on saturniids and saturniids on my mind

  3. im fat. 3 pounds heavier than a lady whos 3 months pregnant. i might be pregnant

  4. saw a bunch of puppies today!!!

  5. if nobody buys your stuff cause u overprice it, take the hint and lower the prices

  6. ready for new kesha music

  7. From the album: puppy

  8. mantisloverguy6000


    henry the labradoodle
  9. mantisloverguy6000


    From the album: puppy

  10. tomorrow is lady gaga's birthday

  11. Yes i'm still alive, much to your dismay...

  12. Odontomantis spp. (Ant mantises) Introduction: hailing from southern Asia, the Odontomantis genus contains multiple species known for their mimicry of black ants as young nymphs. these charming little mantises are barely an inch long and live a surprisingly long time as adults the adults have a lovely evergreen color with charming yellow or black dots on the lower abdomen Difficulty level:intermediate Behavior/Temperament: nymphs are active and somewhat shy, adults move swiftly they don't like being housed too densely and despite lower cannibalism than others, housing them together increases s
  13. 10 days until i get my puppy

    1. D_Hemptress


      oh, awesome... i wanna see pictures!

    2. happy1892
    3. MandellaMandy123


      A labradoodle, right? I can't wait to see pictures!

  14. SAVE KE$HA!!!

    1. Extrememantid


      What could we do? Nothing lol. Don't worry about her!

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