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  1. :):):) thats great news!
  2. Thank You :)

    I m getting better and now shall all be fine with me :)

  3. hi frey!!! hope you're feeling better!

  4. Arturo ;)

    Please give Bartek a adress , he will send to You ootheca ;)

  5. lion

    Can you send the Versi before my birthday plz?

  6. Frey

    Hi Sam

    Why u no response on me :P ?

  7. myles

    any chance of that refund you owe me from 2 months ago ?

  8. Thanks for letting me to know :) I hope You well breed them ! Good luck with them !

  9. Thanks Justyna,

    Metallyticus splendidus did not make it but the violaceous made it alright!


  10. Hi

    Please let me to know what we are going to do that I have got some hatchlings of Sibyllas :)

  11. hello, just wondered if you had any mantis ootheca available, if so species and price please? do you send out to uk, thanks

  12. Hi ) no no! I and mantids - fine!)))

  13. Hey ;)

    How are You :P

    Did You resigned from a mantis ?>

  14. Lol :D Paul, u suprised me now !

    Let me to know when he start to work ;)

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