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  1. Wanting to get some mantids :)

  2. Nice man! And yeah, RWJ is a loser. I hate him lol.

  3. I pre ordered the epic edition of gow 3 :D and well i don't really like rwj but thanks for the new 300 subs to him rofl.

  4. That is so crazy dude. Grats! (I guess?). Ready for GoW3?

  5. yep i know. hence my views boomed with 200000 in one week.

  6. DUDE you're on =3 Ray william Johnson. LMFAO

  7. Hey Becky, Hope everything is okay, its good to hear from you.
  8. Thanks for the comment; it was nice talking to you too! I hope you and your daughter are having a lot of fun with this hobby :).

  9. Thanks for chatting with me so long ago. My daughter and I have had no issues with the handling of MY mantids.

  10. thanks!!!I want to start playing again, I haven't seriously touched a guitar in at least 2 years.

  11. Love your canon cover ;)

  12. Scrodie McBoogerballs was awesome!

  13. Yeatzee, I would love it if you continue your blog when you have the time. I enjoy killing time <3 plur... jk
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