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  1. Im interested in the Giant African Millipedes!


    Shoot me an email at jsenn10@yahoo.com if you still have some available! 

  2. Hey Dude.  How are you?  Are you still in the Metuchen / Philadelphia region?

    I just left a post here on the Forum I'd like you to read please.  Titled: "Molting issue" under main topic Health Issues.

    Did Rutgers Entomology have another science day like last year (I wear that T shirt a lot).

    Cheers -- Digger

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!!!

  5. Happy Bday,didn't realize we were close in age lol

  6. Hey do you still have any beetle larvae for sale :) ?

  7. Cmon man!!! atleast answer back to me, please... i really want the beetles

  8. Your inbox is full and I wish to send you some info. Good news this time. :D

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