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  1. Happy Birthday - hope you have a great one. ;)

  2. Jay

    Movie Night

    Nice. You have a boy for her?
  3. Congrats! It is always very nice to get to this point! (=
  4. Jay


    Great job! I have some of my mantids laying ooths now too. Alas - spring is in the air.
  5. Waiting for all my girls to start laying some ooths!

  6. Jay

    Wahli L2 Nymph

    Very nice shot. I'll have to invest in a real camera one day!
  7. Jay

    Can you find her?

    Oh I found her! (= I won't spoil it for anyone else. Great camouflage!
  8. Jay


    Great pics! What kind of camera do you use, Lame?
  9. You are very welcome! Thanks for viewing. I am keeping a "girl group" and a "boy group". -Jay
  10. Jay


    Nice picture LAME!
  11. Jay

    P. Paradoxa

    Jay's Ghosts
  12. Thanks! I would HIGHLY recommend this variety for beginners who want fast results and fun mantids.
  13. As you can tell from the dates, these pics are pretty old! (=
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