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Hey, I'm Zoe and I am a mantisnoob. I have 3 ooths (Stagmomantis carolina, Miomantis paykulli and Tenodera sinensis) and 4 M paykullii nymphs, and 8 S limbata nymphs. Now I'm looking to talk about them, help with them, and other such things. I'm from Oklahoma, it's kinda dead out here. I have a dog, Tinkerbell, mini Dachsund. My best friend is Huffy (nickname obvs) and he's also my big bro. I'd love help on anything mantis, my dream mantis is Orchid (I'm a girl, love the pink and flowery look) and I think that they're ADORABLE! I'm short, 5'2" black hair, pale skin for the winter, basically a really short Italian girl.

Some personal things about me:

1- I'm married at a young age.

2- I was teen-pregnant.

3- I didn't have the baby, I went into preterm labor and it was stillborn at 5 months.

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