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  1. My profile picture is me in my Blaziken hat, which is the Pokemon in my posting picture.

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Kat, I don't think you know how bad I want one of those PW nymphs..
  4. Happy Birthday Phil!

  5. Happy birthday! :D

  6. Phil! Guess who got her internet back :D

  7. Oh today was fun! I got to see Skwisgaar annihilate a fruit fly, it was so cool to see him hunting! I left him alone to eat, then came back a few minutes later and he stared me down! He was lookin' at me like "What? You never seen anyone eatin' before?" Then he slowly put the fly back up to his mouth and started eating again, keeping a watchful eye on me. I love their personalities!
  8. I love your smileys. Esp the Christmas tree one, it looks alot like ours!

  9. Phil Phil Phil Phil email me back please! It's the highlight of my day!

  10. Do you liek chocolate milk?

  11. Happy birthday!

  12. Since you inbox is full, I'm going to tell you that Rommel was my maiden name.

  13. You are exactly three days older than me!

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