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  1. awesome capture! got some nice colour to it as well
  2. wow these colored backgrounds really bring out some great colors in the mantids..excellent photos
  3. amazing! really like these..have you got female lined up for him or offering him out for joint breedings?
  4. scytheclaw

    No Name yet

    really like these,excellent species
  5. scytheclaw


    wow i like how green she is..an incredible looking mantis
  6. scytheclaw

    Logam -L5

    wow what a great looking chinese mantis.i really like them,very underrated imo
  7. scytheclaw


    what a great looking mantid..ghost nymphs always fascinate me with how they become more cryptic looking every shed
  8. scytheclaw

    Phanes (L5-M)

    thats a nice ghost mantis..i really like their cryptic look overall...very cool mantids
  9. scytheclaw

    IMG 5625

    wow this is a speices id love to keep in future..the colors on it are amazing
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