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  1. Random Comment String!!! Comment 14 hehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!

  2. Albert: I saw that camera on eBay and took a clip of the link so you could see the reviews. There are a few negatives, but a lort of positive comments. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Canon-EOS-Rebel-T4i-650D-18-0-MP-Digital-SLR-Camera-Black-Kit-w-EF-S-/121040863601?pt=Digital_Cameras&hash=item1c2e990171
  3. I agree with Alex. I found a late model on eBay with 10.2 MP, macro setting, built in flash, video setting, voice recorder, and I found it slightly used but in the orginal box and I paid less then $50 with shipping. It shoots very decent pics. It is a Canon Power Shot.
  4. Happy Bday! Hope it's a good one :)

    1. Termite48


      It was a very decent day spent with my dear younger sister and my wife Lina. We went to the Port of Los Angeles and ate well.

    2. OctoberRainne


      Sounds pretty nice,great food always makes a good birthday

  5. Hello Jack. I sent you a PM and I greet you from Southern CA. Where are you?

  6. Hello friend, how are you holding up?

  7. Brian: Where's my tracking number?

  8. It as nice to meet you yesterday. Good luck with the Violin.

  9. nice post Rich, glad we met one another, especially through such a nice forum and awesome AMAZING spectacular addicting hobby! LOL

  10. Happy Birthday Ryan from Rich in SoCal

  11. My paternal grandmother was born in Poland near the Austrian border so it became Austria later.

    Her last name was Arian. I wish you success.

  12. Hello Pie Dish Beetles. How did you come up with that handle? Do you raise beetles. I am lloking to acquire some, if you are into them. Anyway welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy it here half as much as I do.


  13. Check you emails, Brian 5-17-11 5:47 PST

  14. Hi, Jesse! At L-5 they are a real trip to watch and there is so much detail to see at that size. Good job! And good luck on the fogger.

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