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  1. Where have you dissapeared to?

  2. You Nerd! Get back online!!! =)

  3. Hello fellow mantis keeper! How have you been!?

  4. you are a good hearted member with a pos additude, who doesn't love that ?

  5. I think I would trade my turkey for chicken tikka any day!

  6. Well, I comment on most everything! lol! It just kind of happened all of a sudden.

  7. Holy Cow! You sure shot up the ranks really quick here didn't you???

  8. New site is looking good!

  9. Awesome. I'm using it as a reference book! I really like it, you guys did a great job making it!

  10. Thanks! I didn't even notice....lol

  11. Congratulations on your 1000th offical post LG(Unicorn Mantis)!

  12. I haven't seen the movie yet. Good luck mantid hunting!

  13. Thanks and a great movie too. Well I'm off to find a female for my mantis.

  14. Not at all! I love your pic too. One of my favorite books!

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