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  1. Where have you dissapeared to?

  2. Ah Metallyticus species are fast fast fast!

  3. Yen! Where have you been!? I miss reading your updates on your website.

  4. Thanks Justyna,

    Metallyticus splendidus did not make it but the violaceous made it alright!


  5. Hey Phil,

    I sent you an email; hope you can help.

    Mr. Mantid

  6. Ant mantis puked red then died a day later.. grrr....

    1. crucis


      Lol i empathise completely :) Happened to me before as well. It excreted red-black stuff, was ok and eating fine for 2 days, then on the third day it grabbed a fruit fly but stood like a statue. An hour later it'd keeled over and the fly was crawling around rubbing its forelegs but with half a head... In my case i think the problem was excessive stagnant humidity but like you said, temperature was probably your issue

  7. Mr.Mantid


    I have had 3 ghost ooths hatch out so far. I am down to 20, for a while I didn't have that much food and I think the cold weather might be killing them. They are all L1 except for 3 of them. I recently purchased some odontomantis sp. that originated from India about a month ago. Normally in warm weather with plenty of food, they will reach adulthood by now, but they have only made it to subadult. I started out with 11 but now I am down to 5. 1 died from a mismolt. Another one started vomitting red and is now dead. The others died from unknown causes. I am hoping that the remaining 5 will make it to adult hood so that I may breed them. I am unsure of the sex but I believe I have 3 males and 2 females as of right now. We had a freak snowstorm yesterday and I believe the cold weather is causing my mantids and fruit fly culture to grow slower and die young. I am looking forward to spring, we have had a long winter. That is all for today. XD
  8. Got more ghosts to hatch, gonna post them on the classifieds, if they survive to L2.

  9. What kind of moth is that in your profile pic?

  10. One of my ghost ooths hatched.... 7 little guys... Cold weather and poor humidity is to blame for only 7 to hatch.

  11. Hey Brian,

    Did you ship out those flys yet?

    Mr. Mantid

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. looking forward to more vids man..


    Mr. Mantid

  14. Hello Chrisp,

    I am wondering how your metallyticus sp. are doing or if you still have them.


    Mr. Mantid

  15. Hello fellow mantis keeper! How have you been!?

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