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  1. Hello,

     I'm interested in your creo. pic ooth.   I'm in California.  Cost with shipping, if still available please.  

  2. Would like 12-20 viridis nymphs. 3 to 4 dollars each 

    can pickup if available. Or if you prefer  to ship. 

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day! :D

  4. happy birthday swiss. =)

  5. Happy birthday.

  6. Hello Ssimsswiss, I tried to PM you but you box is full. Can you shoot me a PM?

  7. It as nice to meet you yesterday. Good luck with the Violin.

  8. you're welcome glad to hear they arrived safely :)

  9. Thanks for selling and super fast shipping on the Popa nymphs. They arrived safe, today.

  10. has not set their status

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