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  1. Yeah, I lucked out and got the MT-24EX as an open box sale on Ebay at the price of the MR-14EX TTL Macro Ring Lite Flash. It is a big investment and I fought tooth and nail to avoid blowing that money but I am so glad I did, and I'm glad I did it early on so I didn't waste too much time trying to work around not having what I really needed. I couldn't tell you how good any of those cheaper ones are, but you get what you pay for. Read through the reviews and make your best judgment. I would avoid the Vivitar because it only got 2 stars. The way I looked at it is I could blow $80-$150 on one I will soon outgrow or use that toward something more lasting. I have no regrets. The MT-24EX is amazingly versatile. But I understand you have to prove to yourself you will be a worthy owner. That's how I felt. It's an investment in your own abilities and you've got to see if that makes sense.
  2. Those are good choices. I use the T2i. That's a crazy deal on the T4i. $100 less than at B&H and they usually have the best deals. You should hit them up for research. Lots of serious user feedback on gear and the staff can answer questions. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/194451-USA/Canon_4657A006_100mm_f_2_8_USM_Macro.html You'll always hear photographers pushing certain brands but for macro Canon really has everyone beat. The 100mm is great and the MP-E 65mm is unique to everything else out there. I have no opinion on most other gear because I only know what I use myself but if you start looking at macro images online you will begin to notice that all the best ones were shot using Canon gear. You should start thinking about how you will light your shots too. I have the Canon MT-24EX Macro Twin Lite Flash. Both Canon macro flashes are very good from what I've heard. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?Ntt=canon+macro+flash&N=0&InitialSearch=yes&sts=ma&Top+Nav-Search=
  3. I guess I'm still a month behind everything! Good to see the new section. Will have to post some tutorials.
  4. Great photos at your site and very informative.

  5. Thanks for the comment! Many more photos to come. I promise.

  6. Ha-ha! I'll try not to spend any more of your money.

  7. Hey, you're in PA too? I'm in the Lehigh Valley (Bethlehem, Allentown). Where you at?

  8. Thanks! Glad you like the vids. More to come...

  9. Welcome aboard! I'll be posting footage of the Heterochaeta as they grow so you'll know if I have any ooths or nymphs coming. ;-)

  10. "Zorak"! Hahaha!

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