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  1. Happy Birthday! :D

  2. lancaster1313


    What a sweet looking face!
  3. She is on the small side. She has become a deeper shade of green. I will need to get more photos of her. She has 3 subadult sisters that are also green. I usually get some brown ones, but it may not happen this time. I was hoping for at least one.
  4. lancaster1313

    stalli female

    What a lovely lady! She is sitting pretty with her tarsae crossed. <3
  5. Nice! Does she try to manipulate the food with her forelegs at all? My girl tries so hard.
  6. I would start looking for the orange color now. Beautiful colors are coming from that mantis. I can't wait to see the others! Please try to get a photo showing between the forelegs?
  7. That was Bertha. The pink girl who fell during her final molt. I still haven't come to terms with it. I didn't even want to type her name.
  8. I got the royal jelly honey from a vitamin shop. No one in my city has an apiary. I checked cause I wanted to keep bees, but now I don't have much time for it. Also, my next door neighbor claims an allergy to bee stings.
  9. lancaster1313


    Nice! It is the first time I have read a reference to the height of a mantis.
  10. I'll bet she had a fuzzy, scaly moth face before she cleaned herself up.
  11. lancaster1313

    A girl?

    Looks right to me.
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