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  1. Hello Peter,

    I messaged Orin and he told me to try to contact you.  Is it possible to change my display name.  
    thank you,


  2. Got a healthy A. purpurea sac,first breeding attempt,couldn't upload pic,old PC,new one coming soon.

    Lotta different kinds of babies to send at ya soon,multiple type projects going on,yur mailbox full.

    Holler Buddy!

  3. Can people who aren't moderators see your posts on the moderator forum on your activity page?

  4. Private message?


  5. happy birthday Peter. :)

  6. Happy Birthday Peter - have a good one!

  7. Once we get the rules and template-outline done, the care sheets will be up for editing. I think we're almost there. This is a public thread. For that who don't know, Agent A and Jamurjfr have volunteered as care sheet section moderators.
  8. I'm with many of you with respect to using a categories-based template. It's nice to see a strong start on the caresheets so quickly, but we are getting a little disorganized with it already. Templates provide many benefits. They provide the contributor to the post with a set list of information that they must know before posting. If they can't fill out every section of the template, they probably shouldn't be contributing. A related point is that only people who have actually raised that particular mantis species through at least one generation (Adults, oothecae, nymphs) should be contributing to that care sheet. Templates are easy for a future reader to understand because they are organized. If they are looking for a particular piece of information on, say, incubating oothecae, they can go right to that category on the template (rather than reading through 3 or more posts of content organized in 3 different ways by 3 different people). After the template has been completed (or before, in some cases--since we already have some of this in the caresheets section), "approved" follow up posts can be added if they meet an as yet to be determined quality threshold. These would tend to be of the "personal and helpful anecdotes based on experience" variety, or perhaps offer care points that seem plausible but are alternative to the general consensus. That said, the forum may need help with this because it is a big job. We may be interested in a volunteer or two to help with this. If anybody is feeling particularly motivated to step up, now would be a good time (privately, via PM please). You might be promoted to moderators within this section of the forum. I'm not sure if any of the admins have time to really monitor this in addition to the rest of the forum. The job would NOT require that you are an experienced breeder with any species, but only that you are willing to work with other members who want to contribute content and that you have a knack for knowing the difference between good content and all that, yes, "fluff". An early step in this would be agreeing on a set list of care topics for the template. Kloned had a draft earlier in this thread.
  9. And there, see? You said it in much less than half as many words!
  10. You can request to add content to an existing, locked caresheet thread. The significance of the addition may affect whether we merge your comment into the original, community caresheet (w/o credit) or allow you to post in the thread (retaining credit as author...and increasing your post count by 1 ). This is an evolving concept. Another possibility is that we just have a single community caresheet for each species and the names of contributors would be listed at the top or bottom. In this case, the original sheet creator would be the only person whose name is next to the title of the post (and the only one who has increased their post count by 1, mentioned only for the sake of making the answer complete). You can see that Orin has already created 7 or so caresheets, so his name will be next to those threads in perpetuity. Really your question Mime454, has prompted me to form the paragraph above and to believe my present opinion is that we should have a single community caresheet with a list of author names. It seems the most community-friendly way to do this. We would, however, have to rely on moderators or other key members who would like to step up for the task of justifying/editing any newly submitted content to the sheets (much like my first sentence in this paragraph could use some work and make me sound less like a robot built on the planet Vulcan...blah!). So far we only have a few minds working on this task. New ideas are welcome, so don't hold back!
  11. Random Comment String! Comment 3 hehehehe!!!

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