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  1. no you should have a pic of a ant mantis

  2. Leaving this Friday for NC, I'll be gone for 10-12 days. I'm happy, but at the same time I'm reluctant to leave. The chickens are having pecking order issues...the mantids should molt soon, and I don't trust pet sitters too much, especially with a baby leopard gecko.... At least the Christmas money I get should be enough for more pets! :D

    1. GreenOasis


      Leos are very forgiving in their care...10 days of neglect shouldn't harm him too much.

  3. So all 4 have molted to L6. They've been hungry lately, since food is a little scare with this cold weather. Not to mention I'll have to upgrade their living space...

  4. L5 female and male have reduced activity, and havn't eaten lately. I sense a molt is coming!

  5. Nobody probly reads this....oh well. The green female sucessfully molted to L6 though, she's a nice lime green and in perfect condition.

    1. dgerndt


      I'm reading. (:

  6. Nothing much to report, except the 2 female ghosts are eating less and less. Maybe a molt it due? It has been about 2+ weeks and I've been stuffing them and keeping the temp at 80+.

  7. Phew....glad the forum problems are over. The morning after I posted the last update my oldest male molted to L6. Or is he L5? It's hard to tell. He doesn't really look like he can make it to 2.5 inches in one more molt. But I think I see wing buds? One things for sure, I gotta slow him down. Although it's not neccecary I'll feel better with the female ahead in growth.

  8. The 4 are now all L5. The one male that was L5 when I recieved him has stopped eating, I guess he'll be molting soon. Gotta make sure to slow him down just incase. I'm surprised the others can take on BBs 3/4 of the size of themselves, though. They sure do now how to make it disapear without looking fat at all!

  9. So my ghosts came yesterday! 2 males, and 2 females. They've all eaten so now all I have to do is wait for them to grow up!

  10. As a "Myrmecologist", shouldn't you have an ant or ant-related photo as your avatar? Guess I need one as well. Good to see another ant-geek on the mantid forum! There aren't too many of us around here. Most hang out at Antfarm.

  11. My ghosts are shipping sometime today, I hope they do ok on their trip here!

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