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  1. Say a certain caresheet stated that a certain sp flourished with a certain husbandry factor, while from personal, I found them to flourish under a different husbandry factor...would this be appropriate comments? (If we raised that sp past a second gen with the different factors)
  2. aNisip

    M. Binotata

    congrats on the hacth! nice aliens you got there!
  3. But I just ordered a macro lens from photojojo for my Samsung Galaxy S3 ... it already takes good pictures without the lens, can't imagine with it!
  4. I was told Nikon is better, at least preffered...most of the forum members who shoot pro, like Tammy, use Nikon...
  5. Thank you both for the input! So I will look into getting this then, thank you!... I found one cheaper on eBay; I think I'll go with that...
  6. So my Samsung already takes very good pictures...but wanted an actual camera for macro shots and such, but came across this: http://www.usbfever.com/index_eproduct_view.php?products_id=2859 ....is it worth it? Should I get it? Any better options? ....and I like the fact that it isn't the normal $500 like you would normally pay for a Nikon macro lens.. All the best, Andrew
  7. aNisip

    edward scissorhands id?

    stagmomantis sp maybe? where'd you get him?
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