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  1. Your PM is full? Do you still have Blepharopsis mendica ooths? How much would shipping to NJ, USA be?

  2. Hello, I would be interested in one each of the Hierodula unimaculata and Sphodro viridis oothecas, with shipping to UK. PM doesn't seem to be working so hopefully you'll get this message here. Many thanks.

  3. Hi, I would like love to purchase a Blepharopsis mendica ooth. PMs doesn't work, please contact me when you can. Gabriel, Poland

  4. hi nikkko, I would love to purchase a couple of ooths off you, miomantis and bleph. confirmed PMs arent working. PM me when you can, thanks, James

  5. Nico, would love to buy a Miomantis binotata ooth... PM doesn't work.. it says you can't receive any more messages... contact me please. Kenneth, The Netherlands

  6. Hi, i would like to know, if you still have some Pseudoharpax?? Best regards, Chris

  7. happy birthday Nico

  8. nico i sent u msg

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