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  1. Today I tried to pair my Disabled Ghost Mantis with my oldest female. I put her into his cage and within moments he had jumped onto her back. The only issue is that he was facing the wrong way! She doesn't seem to bothered that he is on her back but he just doesn't want to get the job done it would seem. Hes spent most of the time the wrong way around and I haven't seen him attempting to connect though. This pairing was always going to be an iffy one for me.As he is disabled I'm not sure whether heck do any good but hey its worth a shot!. Whilst my Ghosties were busy playing House I decided it was time to pair my Marbleds.I chose the oldest female who is looking nice and plump and put her with the male. The male was definitely interested and tried to jump on her back but after a few attempts she was definitely not in the mood! Whilst I was safely removing the female I noticed that my younger female was calling. I whipped her out and after shed settled down she was introduced to the male. No pairing as yet but he is slowly sneaking up behind her as i type this so hopefully well get lucky here.
  2. Ok, so first Blog entry for me, I think Ill try and use this as a notebook so I can remember dates etc and what ive done as well. Today im expecting my first traded P.Wahlbergii ooth to hatch.The ones my ladies have been laying have all hatched around 45days after they were laid. This is day 45 for the first ooth so hopefully see some action soon. I plan on pairing my adult Polyspilota Aeruginosa (Marbled Mantis) today.The female has been adult for around 6weeks now and is calling lots,Ive fed the pair up over the past few days and she is looking fit to burst. Im quite nervous about this pairing as I have one Male and two Females. Hopefully it will work out well, Judging by WoodenBoys thread Polyspilota-aeruginosa they seem to be easy enough to mate. Overnight my first Pesudoharpax virescens have started to moult to second Instar. I noticed one seemed to have her rear leg caught in the skin s a quick increase in humidity and she managed to escape the skin within moments. My Oldest Female Ghost has laid her second infertile ooth overnight.My two youngest females havnt laid any yet and my other female is on the one count. I hope to find Males for them soon and get my next generation secured.
  3. hello sir would like one of those ghost ooths can send out money orer on wed.Do you think you'll still have one for sale by wed.Want one really bad also what would shiping be to Wahoo Ne.Tanks Loren

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