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    Sphodropoda quinquedens L1 Hatching
  2. SilentDeviL

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    Gongylus Gongylodes Violin Mantis
  3. SilentDeviL

    Idolomorpha lateralis

    Idolomorpha lateralis Adult Female
  4. I hate winter ... Need to wait for Cool new species....

  5. how do u do that ?? with the Camera or a program ?? So what u r saying all the good Macro Shot and Adjusted not natural from the shot...... Cause I see Pic's ... Have focus on the mantis and the flower beside it ... here is an Example... How can the Skin and flower be so clear ...If I take a shot ... only the Focus point is clear ... Still a lot need to learn ,..... My shots so sucks I don't even want to share it on forum makes me mad ... spending all the $ for nothing ... but I guess is not the Camera or the Lens ... I think my self is the Issue don't know how to operate it .. Posted Yeste
  6. Ya I was kinda Disappointed ... spending 1k on a macro lens and I can't even get closer to the target ..... even my cell phone can get closer .... ....After Talking to Tammy .. She advise me I need Extension Tube... I was thinking the Canon 25mm Extension Tube but I was told it wont get me super close ... I need But thats crazy another $200 =.=" with shipping & tax is like $260 ....... I diden't post any Pic's year do to I'm having Problem getting the hole mantis on foucs .. not sure why ... I can only get where I'm focusing clear the other parts of the body is Blurry... I see u guy
  7. No i.m a noob at DSLR....I don.t know what u mean...i.m trying to fijd how to use my camera on youtube...but only got to learn the baeics.....u mean i still need to buy a tube if i want to get closer? My len will arrive today so i play around with it tonight....ubsaid sokthing about 18" do i need to be away from the object f8r 18 inch away i can.t get closer?
  8. I can't the Camera without the Marco Lens sucks .. even my Cell phone is better .... even i change it to Macro shooting mode ... it can't even focus.............. maybe I need to take a course how to shoot with DSLRs lol .................
  9. OMG the Flash Henry use in Canada is 1k .....................with tax is $1130 ................ Canon Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX - Online OnlyModel #: MT-24EXWeb Code: 100444473.0(4 ratings)Rate and review this productVisit Canon Store >Gallery $999.95Free shipping on orders over $20Easy ReturnsEarn Reward Zone points on all your purchases OnlineIn Stock Quantity Remaining: 1 Add to Cart Local StoreAvailability information not available Only available online Cannot Reserve
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