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    Horses, writing, painting, gardening... I make wire and chainmaille jewelry. And of course predatory insects with raptorial arms.

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  1. Please check your messages :)!!

  2. Whoa... I need more mantids to eat all these flies..

  3. Idolo molted L3... no probs!

  4. My first baby to get her wings molted today. I'm so proud!

  5. Chivalry

    Busy week

    My T. sinensis old gal died last week, and her ooth hatched less than a week later (Saturday) - surprise! I wasn't even sure it was fertile. So, we have a pile of Chinese babies running around. Before I knew THAT was going on, I'd orderd 2 Gambian nymphs, 5 ghost nymphs, 2 gemmatus nymphs, and 3 H. majuscula. I never do anything "a little bit," according to my husband, who was not worried about the money I'd spent but more 1) Where are we going to put all of them and 2) Why didn't I get the species he wanted? LOL All the gory details (plus pics and vid) are on my regular bugblog at http://mantisfiles.weebly.com
  6. My minions have hatched

  7. I have little mantids coming... yay!

  8. Got to watch my double shield molt last night. Sooooo cool...

  9. Pnigo is molting, I think...

  10. Chivalry


    I imagine that's what the prey sees... big eyes peeking from behind bigger claws. Great photo.
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