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  1. Haha I definitely will!! Ill keep you posted!! Just wish me luck lol
  2. I know!! Im sooo excited to have a few now!! I hope I can get them to adult to breed so i can get some ooths!!
  3. Lazyiks


    Thanks, but it was actually xxFaultxx !! He let be borrow her for awhile and I took advantage and took a nice picture of her!!
  4. She actually ate it all other then the guts and some of the bones, she was really hungry!
  5. after researching I think it is a sphodromantis lineola, I still dont know if it male or female
  6. I dont know.. I still couldn`t sex it either.. -_-
  7. Lazyiks

    My Mantis

    The different kinds I have and had :)
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