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  1. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day! :)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Parymenopus davisoni (Yellow Orchid Mantis) Introduction: Parymenopus davisoni is a rare species of flower mantis native to remote jungles in Malaysia, mainly Sunda island, Tapah hills and Perak. They are considerably smaller than Hymenopus coronatus, but have nearly the same care requirements. They grow to around 3" long at adult. In fact, some say that Parymenopus is even easier than Hymenopus. L1's are a lighter orange, to the point of orange-yellow, while Hymenopus are a darker orange-red. Defining differences that separate the two species include the steady thick yellow coloration in Pa
  4. Gongylus gongylodes (Violin Mantis) Introduction: Gongylus gongylodes is a mantis in the Empusidae family. They are native to India, Java, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Adults reach about 4-4½ in total length, males being on the smaller side.(brancsikia339) Their much rarer relative, Gongylus trachelophyllus, occurs only in India, and it seems that these don't exist in culture as of now.(brancsikia339) They go by many common names so it is best not to trust these (Other than violin mantis, its most common name): violin mantis, wandering violin mantis, wandering rose mantis, dead leaf mantis

  6. Is that the same mantis as the first pic? Cuz it looks like a different sp.
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