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  1. Happy birthday!!

  2. Mime454

    No round two?!

    Are those peacock mantids?
  3. Mime454

    Bug Eyes!

    I hate Lobata, but I find this one really cute.
  4. Can I make a short comment about the species? Or do I have to quantify my experiences into an entire care sheet if I want to say something?
  5. Mime454

    IMG 0093

    Do you have a male?
  6. Mime454


    I love the look he's giving you!
  7. All the stuff in your gallery is pretty awesome.
  8. Mime454

    Feather mantis

    Toxodera beieri. Would love to see one in person!
  9. Random Comment String!!! Comment 17 hehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!

  10. Is it alive? Doesn't look too good.
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