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  1. Finally atlast,I have a separate bugroom! Selling bugwing babies and ooths currently,other species to come soon

  2. Freshly hatched/rearing budwings,more mios,and B. mendicas,waiting on desiccatas and creos still,lots to buy soon :)

  3. Bred orchids tonight,I am happy to finally have a pair of these guys :)

  4. Selling Miomantis nymphs,males,ooths and Nymph cups,still breeding and waiting on others to hatch,finally got in a female orchid!

  5. Now selling mendica ooths,and my specialty premeshed nymph cups,so if you like them and have hatches you can have your own!

    1. OctoberRainne


      im currently rearing more mios as well that will be up for sale once L2 and some others

  6. Cleared out my messages you can now message me again!

  7. Mendy Ooths for sale currently,I'm hearing there are some messages trouble on here,you can contact me via facebook if need be

    1. OctoberRainne


      Also for sale are popa spurca males and budwing males atm,plenty of extras to be sold for breeding or pets

  8. Creos bred,2014 buddies bred,mendicas rebred,and more to come,looking for males & females. orchid ooth on the way!

    1. OctoberRainne


      also picked up a desiccata ooth since i never got males for mine,and a non related budwing ooth to mix up my blood

  9. Mendica breed down,budwings,lobatas,creos,and more ghosts to go,before SPs,Majs,Orchids,Spinys & others...

  10. Soo much breeding to do,not enough time! ughh

  11. New ghost female bred,lobatas,mendicas,harpax,ect. next... Extra Viridis all sold,and mio L2s coming soon for sale

  12. One more mio ooth up for grabs until more are laid*

  13. Mio ooths up for grabs nymphs coming soon and very few SP Qs to be sold,keeping the majority until I make my own babies of those

  14. All current budwings sold. Mios and others and more coming

  15. Return of the Empusas today...

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