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  1. My third orchid safely made it to L6! Such beautiful mantids!💛

  2. All three have successfully made it to L5! They’re growing fast! I must’ve been out of the game for a while because I’m still doubting the sex. I think I have 3 females, but I’ll be able to tell on the next one!

    1. minomantis


      2 have made it successfully to L6! I caught one molting this morning which was a cool sight! Waiting on the third now! :)

  3. Last night we have 2 of the three made it to L4! Looks like I have one male and one female. I’ll have a better look when I take them out! Pretty excited!

    1. Synapze



  4. When you have fruit flies flying around your garbage and you take the opportunity to gorge your babies! #me

  5. Tried to line up the molts since they all got to L2 about three days apart from one another, but proud to say that one molted to L3 Tuesday night and the other two molted last night to L3 successfully!☺️

  6. Officially have 3 L2 baby orchids! Excited for their growth! Eating well and already exhibiting adult like behavior.

  7. One of my L2 orchids caught and ate a common clothes moth and I am IMpressed! It was not a small moth! Wow!

  8. 2 of the 3 orchids have successfully molted to L2! It’s interesting to see how they drop the red and black! Very happy!

  9. Orchids are all settled in and ate their first fruit fly!!

  10. Excited to have mantids again!! Hopefully this time around will be solid! #orchids

  11. Really excited to be raising mantids again! Eagerly waiting for them to come! 

  12. Really missing taking care of some mantids! Hopefully soon I can get back into it!

    1. hysteresis


      I cant imagine taking a break!

    2. minomantis


      I know! I really only take a break because I love catching bugs from outside and allowing my mantids to have some moments outside. It’s apart of my experience when raising mantids lol!

  13. Sending good vibes and warm wishes for a beautiful day to my mantis community! I hope all is well!

    1. hysteresis


      Same to you! Hope you're keeping well. I imagine it's a tough time to be in the performing arts!

      Sending good vibes!

  14. All this talk about Orchid mantids make me want to try raising them again!

    1. MantisGirl13


      You should!

      - MantisGirl13 

  15. And we’re back! Hoping to start raising some mantids during this time! Hope all are well! :)

    1. MantisGirl13


      Welcome back! :)

      - MantisGirl13 

    2. minomantis


      Thank you, I hope you are well!

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