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  1. Been a while since I've been around! Sorry about that. Been busy with other types of pets and haven't had many mantids for a while, just Tenodera sinensis. But I'm looking to get back into this hobby... What's everyone been up to?

  2. I've been so inactive! Sorry guys, it's because I am currently without mantids. Waiting on some oothecae to hatch, Tenodera sinensis, but that's about it haha. I've been quite preoccupied with my Brown Anoles as well. 

  3. I would be interested in buying the female Mantis religiosa you mentioned. Here is my E-mail: regirardet@gmail.com. I live in Louisville, Kentucky. Thank you. Roland Girardet

    1. MantidBro


      I'm sorry, I no longer have her.

  4. I would be interested in buying the female Mantis religiosa you mentionned. I live in louisville KY. Let me know how to proceed if insect available. Thank you. Roland Girardet


  5. Congrats on becoming a moderator, thats awesome!

  6. Welcome to the Green team bro! XD

  7. Haha! LAME's the one who made me a Forum Supporter! He's awesome x) Thanks dude!!

  8. I'm a Forum Supporter??

  9. MantidBro

    20160120 7456

    Which species is this, Empusa?
  10. Waiting on these Idolos to breed!

  11. MantidBro

    Idolomantis diabolica

    All my Idolomantis diabolica. Two I got here at L2 from Angelofdeathzz. One at L2 from Bartek. I bought an ootheca from someone off the site, which hatched 5 Idolos. 3 of which I kept, 2 of which I sent to LAME. 1 L4 male Idolo I bought from here from MikhailsDinos. And 7 I bought here from Exo, 5 of which I kept and 2 which I sent to LAME.
  12. Its drawer liner, it works well for idolo molts! My male molted all the way to adulthood with it. This female i used polyester cargo mesh for the last two molts. Thank you! they are very beautiful. Im thrilled to have adults at last. Big and colorful and such an interesting shape.
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