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Status Updates posted by MantidBro

  1. Been a while since I've been around! Sorry about that. Been busy with other types of pets and haven't had many mantids for a while, just Tenodera sinensis. But I'm looking to get back into this hobby... What's everyone been up to?

  2. I've been so inactive! Sorry guys, it's because I am currently without mantids. Waiting on some oothecae to hatch, Tenodera sinensis, but that's about it haha. I've been quite preoccupied with my Brown Anoles as well. 

  3. Congrats on becoming a moderator, thats awesome!

  4. Haha! LAME's the one who made me a Forum Supporter! He's awesome x) Thanks dude!!

  5. I'm a Forum Supporter??

  6. Waiting on these Idolos to breed!

  7. Idolos are doing well!

  8. received a new species from my best buddy, shipped by sticky! Hierodula xishaensis!

  9. All Chaeta are at L4 now!

  10. aah one of the heterochaeta mismolted. Fell. Last time i saw him he was against the side. Lil dummy... :( but the 2nd one molted correctly!

  11. RIP Platysil... My #1

    1. CosbyArt


      What a shame, sorry to hear it. I imagine it was the mother to my Deadleafs, so she will live on.

    2. MantidBro


      Thank you, and yes!!

  12. these heterochaeta are awesome!

  13. getting some mantids ive been wanting... Heterochaeta from bobericc! cant wait

  14. The Deroplatys nymphs are starting to molt to L2!

  15. Platysil laid her 2nd ootheca! Get ready LAME!

    1. LAME


      Oh I'm ready when you can send it broham! =)

    2. MantidBro


      ill try to send it wednesday along with everyone elses orders lol :)

  16. Platysil/Derotor's ootheca hatched!

  17. my male Deroplatys lobata, Derotor, died... :(

    1. CosbyArt


      Sorry for your loss. A very interesting species of leaf mantis, as most leaf insects are Phasmids.

    2. MantidBro


      Thanks. Yes they are very interesting! I still have the female fortunately.

  18. my Deroplatys lobata are mating for the second time!

  19. vates my texas unicorn molted to adulthood last night!

  20. my Vates is safe, no more puking! im so happy!!!

  21. Platysil, my adult female D. lobata, finally laid her first fertile ootheca!

  22. I bred my Deroplatys lobata! Waiting for an ooth!

  23. vates, my phyllovates chlorophaea, reached L5!

  24. my Deroplatys lobata male, Derotor, reached adulthood last night!

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