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I have raised bugs starting with monarch butterflies when I was little on an island off the coast of Maine.

I have been a handspinner since 1998 when I got my first wheel and my first angora rabbits. It was right after the ice storm that wholloped the Northeast.

Then about ten years ago I started raising wild silkmoths like the giant Cecropias, Polyphemus and afew others, lunas and promethias etc...they take alot of work to find them food when the caterpillars start getting big! Armloads of branches of wild cherry for the cecropias and promethias, oak for the lunas and polyphemus.

I had to drive miles every day, sometimes twice a day! I kept the "piggles" as I call them in large net cages. They required more care than the mantids do! I sprayed the leaves with water for them to drink and changed branches everyday. That was alot of work.

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