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  1. Plex

    adult female H. Parviceps

    I have two males for her so hopefully there is a succesful mating, I will keep you up to date, definitely! ^^
  2. Plex

    Ghost nymphs everywhere

    Yes they are! Thank you. They're quite a bit bigger now
  3. Plex

    My mantids

    Some of the better pictures I've gotten of my mantids ^^
  4. Plex


  5. Plex

    015 (2)

    She's a good one to get little ones from. I got my first one from a local exotic pet expo and the other five I now have from Mike.
  6. Plex

    015 (2)

    There are plenty of people on here that have these guys for sale on occasion or regularly. It shouldn't be hard finding some for sale.
  7. Plex

    015 (2)

    They're a great species, go for it! One of my favorites of the ones I have.
  8. Plex

    015 (2)

    As do I, so adorable and personable! ^^ I'm hoping to breed this one when he/she's an adult. =) Not sure on General's gender yet XD I'll figure that out soon I hope.
  9. Plex


    Haha Jucyfruit sounds like she was a beautiful nymph and is a very pretty adult. ^^ Hm I don't have much of a system with names though, just whatever feels right at the time really, even if it tends to lead to much gender confusion XD
  10. Plex

    015 (2)

    Yep, a ghostie. ^^
  11. Plex


    Haha thanks. XD Sir is quite a friendly female too. =P Kinda figured she was female since I tend to have that luck with animals I name gender specific names... those that have no outward signs of gender until later in development at least. xD Like Connor, named after the guy from Boondock Saints, my female cockatiel. =P
  12. Plex

    General Lysandre

    Mime, no, not yet. General is at L4 currently.
  13. Plex

    IMG 20121021 164131

    Thank you! I absolutely adore the lil' guy. =D
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