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    I like big bugs and I can not lie. And photography, all things naturey, exploring swamps, sarcastic people, reading, movies, life, the universe and everything.

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  1. Okay, I need distraction from Sandy. And Lucy seems to be freaking out too. Focus - depends on the situation. I let the camera do it mostly but sometimes it picks a spot I don't want. Then I switch to manual. Flash - I avoid it like the plague. Special accessories - none, I like to keep it simple otherwise it feels like work. Background - simple if I can get it and if it's too busy I'll try to find a way to tone it down. Shallow depth of field or change the angle. Busy backgrounds rarely work. Focus stacking - love it and would like to try it. Cleaning products? Yeah, my sleeve. No, seriously I use a cloth that's attached to my camera in a little bag so it's always there - like this one http://mightygoods.com/archives/2010/01/stuff-ittm-microfiber-lens-cleaning-cloth I'll eventually get my DSLR cleaned professionally. I tried but I made it worse. I buy most of my stuff online. I can only review what I've used and so far that's been a Konica Minolta bridge camera, a Pentax DSLR and a Nikon bridge camera. Of them all I liked the Konica the best. I can't afford the really good glass for the Pentax and what I get with the kit lenses is comparable to what I get with the Nikon bridge camera so I use the Nikon as my main camera now. And that's only because the Konica is beat to heck from years of use. I've asked a few pros that have been in the business a long time. Most major brands cameras are comparable nowadays. And most are built like ###### unless you want to get all ridiculous and go for a Hasselblad or some such.
  2. I'd answer. But. You need to answer each question and the first 3 don't apply to me. I hate flash, rarely use it, much prefer natural light.
  3. No pointers, but how did you catch them ?! I have a few flying around my apartment that I would just loooove to give to my girl.
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