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  1. Mesopteryx alata (Taiwan Giant Grass Mantis) Introduction: Origin of my individuals: Yen Saw at L3 Scientific name: Mesopteryx alata Common name: (not official) Taiwan Giant Grass Mantis. Natural Habitat: islands southeast of Taiwan Mesopteryx are one of my favorite species so far. They grow large even at an early stage, their colourizations are mesmerizing, and they are very inquisitive and active which makes them a joy to handle. This species is relatively new to North American culture, and there aren’t many documented methods of keeping them, so I’ve recorded below how I’ve kept m
  2. Thats the camera that I use I dont have a macro lens for it, but I wish I did. Check out the pics in my picture thread. The recent ones are cropped and zoomed in so they look a little more pixely, but it takes good shots for me.
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    An album for me to place every pic I upload into
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    New Molts :)

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    Put together a place for them to hang out when I have them out
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    Got some absolutely beautiful mantids from SilentDeviL
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