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  1. I have 1 that matured 3 days ago and 1 that just matured last night.  I can drop them off to you tomorrow (I am going to be in Hawthorn Woods until about noon or so) or some other time as I live about 15-20 minutes away in Twin Lakes

      They are probably going to do me no good since my females are still a few molts away from maturity so you can have them for nothing just throw me some nymphs if you have any luck with them.

    I have a reptile show in Hawthorn Woods tomorrow morning.  I will check this before I leave at 8AM but I will bring the mantids along just in case you get this after that and want to arrange something.  If you do send me an email at sschind@frontier.com

  2. Hello Sally,

    I have a few adult male orchid mantises (Hymenopus coronatus). I would be willing to give you one for $15 plus an agreement to send me the second ooth from a successful pairing, or if she only makes one ooth, a percentage of nymphs from the hatch. Does that sound reasonable to you?

    Let me know if I can help!


  3. Happy birthday.

  4. JP77

    Happy Birthday!

  5. sally

    MG 2327

    This series of pics are awesome
  6. The hatching is always amazing to me
  7. sally

    Sub female

    She looks so calm...
  8. beautiful sunday making nymph cups :)

  9. I really love these....
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