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  1. Trying to mate my Stalli couple......

  2. How did you do their enclosure? I was looking on Idolomantis consolidated for requirements.
  3. sally

    Oblina and ooth #1

    Yay! Good job Oblina.
  4. brand new baby came today...eating already new addition Rhombodera Stalii Finally creos connect!
  5. sally


    I love the golden hue.
  6. She is beautiful. Nice job raising her
  7. sally

    Creo Tat 3

    Love it . Love it. Love it. Very nice
  8. sally

    threat display

    This is such an amazing picture. I have never seen any of my mantid's threat diplay yet.
  9. From the album: Hymenopus Coronatus, Rhombodera Stalii, Phyllocrania Paradoxa Creobroter sp

    Brandy decided to lay her ootheca on the temp and humidity guage.
  10. sally


    Great shot!
  11. sally

    vitioza -Subadult

    Wow! Look at those chompers.
  12. Just received my little Sybilla pretiosa nymphs
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