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  1. yes!! Thank you so much. I put a video of them on the skitzo creo thread. I did what you said and separated them last night.
  2. sally


    She is beautiful.
  3. She looks so pretty against the greenery.
  4. I don't know yet, I will see when they are a little bigger. I am afraid to let them out until they are a tad bit bigger
  5. sally


    It is so cool that the mantises seem to have their own little personalities.
  6. sally


    These are great!
  7. sally


    The color variation is amazing.
  8. sally

    Vitioza L5 -f

    This is a great one!
  9. sally

    Plump Creo

    Lord Barkiss is getting ready... wingbuds really swollen. One girl is on her second oothecae and Cleo is holding out for a mate ughhh, hurry up already
  10. sally

    It Begins!

    Good luck with them. My guess is......47!
  11. sally

    Rhombodera Stalii nymph

    Thank you Paradoxica ! I am putting a photo book of my mantises together
  12. sally


    . This was from Edward in November 2012
  13. sally

    Plump Creo

    That is what my girls look like. Hurry up and molt to adult Lord Barkiss, we need you. lol
  14. sally

    Logam L6-f

    wow ! Great photo!
  15. sally

    f (No Name yet)

    I have really come to love the Creobroter sp. Their mannerisms are so much fun to watch.
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