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  1. just received my baby hymenopus coronatus today!

  2. sally


    oh so sad. you did give your mantis a good life. i just lost my sally yesterday. she was old and it seemed as if she just went to sleep.......i am getting an orchid mantid. your new phyllocrania paradoxa will keep you busy. i had to look that one up
  3. my religiosa "Sally" died today :(

    1. sally


      now that i have researched mantids a lot more..."sally" was actually a male...and was actually a tenodera sinesis lol <3 makes much more sense now :)

  4. yes they are mantis religiosa
  5. From the album: summer mantids

    sally my inside mantis
  6. From the album: summer mantids

    my hatched babies stayed in the yard all summer <3
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