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  1. looking to trade some ooths for basically anyhting else

  2. Iv'e decided that ide like to try my hand at a budwing mantis, the little zebra stripes they get on their heads is so cute

  3. you should leave indications on which sp. you have posted, im curious
  4. From the album: Stagmomantis Limbata

    bottom left is an old cheese ball container, licorice container stacked on top left. Tupperware enclosures stack perfectly aswell. and on the left I have chocolate covered raisen container and mixed nut containers, again that stack nicely.... ( even with the earth quakes we have been having here in so cal... 5.4 is the biggest so far, things in the house fell but not my bug containers. rather durable I must say. I recommend trying to make your own enclosures, again cheap and its really fun to be crafty,,, and practice makes perfect,
  5. From the album: Stagmomantis Limbata

    got these at the Dollar Tree, they are great because the plastic is durable, but still rather easy to get through with a razor.( I personally use small scissors)
  6. From the album: Stagmomantis Limbata

    she seems to love it so far, I figured she would since the other one i made a few months ago is wonderful
  7. From the album: Stagmomantis Limbata

    the inside furniture is easy to place because of the grooves inside the tub
  8. From the album: Stagmomantis Limbata

    well since I love licorice and so do most of my friends, I can buy containers and when they are cleaned out the really make great enclosures.
  9. Finally have a little boxer mantis on its way to me.. ive been wanting one for over a year... im so excited

  10. D_Hemptress


    From the album: Stagmomantis Limbata

    had a mismolt that was too bad to save so I fed her to her sister
  11. D_Hemptress


    From the album: Miomantis Binotata

    hahaha it looks like she smiling
  12. D_Hemptress

    Miomantis Binotata

    aka "African Pinstripe Mantis"
  13. D_Hemptress


    From the album: Sibylla Pretiosa

    had some awesome sunlight, larger female
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