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    La Chaux-de-Fonds / Switzerland
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    Reading, music, my pets (dogs, cats, hamsters, rats, a looooot of fishes, domesticated hubby), infography, Webdesign, photography, actual medias, orchids and nature.

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  1. Very very very angry against the Swiss Post !!! >__

  2. Random Comment String!!! Comment 18 hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!

  3. I'm a Nikonist so I can't help...XD I use a Nikon D90 since 2008 and I'm really in love with it. But I agree with Tammy, lenses are quite expensive. Youhouhou, you got them
  4. Bronchitis >____

    1. mantisloverguy6000


      omg bronchitis sucks!! i had it twice last year and the antibiotics gave me diahrrea :o

    2. Mëluzynn


      I don't have antibiotics for now, I try to do without, hope it works...

  5. Mëluzynn

    Aluine's Gourmet tests

    Some unusual food for mantids, I try, to see if she likes or not. It's quite a game.
  6. Thanks, both of you I didn't thought she will be so big, she is really impressive ^^
  7. In fact she was on my hand, she runs on my arm, jumped on my hairs and hit my face...lol It was at the end of the photo shooting, I think she was angry and I paid the bill ^^
  8. Mëluzynn

    Aluine on a Cymbidium orchid

    First time I handled Aluine, she was stressed, I was stressed but I really want to shoot her on my fully flowering Cymbidium. Not sure she liked that... She hits me a few time and she's so fast when she moves, hard time for both of us...lol
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