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  1. aychen222

    Macro Shots

    Photos taken with my new macro lens
  2. I found that the care and breeding journals kept by Yen and some members on ukmantis were the most helpful to me. I was planning on keeping one, editing it, then posting it once I had kept a species for a few generations.
  3. One issue I have with all the care sheets at large are the use of ambiguous terms (like it dry, large, moderate). I would much rather see specific ways of how people cared for a species than for someone to speak about a species as a whole, since there are already the general care sheets for that.
  4. aychen222

    An Unexpected Journey

    The beginning of my mantis infatuation
  5. aychen222

    golden girl!

    absolutely beautiful
  6. awesome, and is this a continuous culture or do you have to keep resupplying from that place?
  7. How did you get your hands on silk moths?
  8. I am not completely sure, but this was taken a little while back and she has since molted.
  9. aychen222

    second attempt

    what happened to his wings?
  10. i love the way these guys look. what are their personalities like?
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