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  1. Chiniensis

    Feather mantis

    The photo doesn't do it justice. The yellow and purple/brown 'circles' on its legs and around its body are really beautiful. Lousy photo - taken in haste!
  2. Chiniensis

    Feather mantis

    No ootheca; I have only seen this one specimen. Briefly.
  3. Same individual different angle, poor quality photo. Sorry!
  4. Chiniensis

    Malaysian mantis

    Mantis from Malaysia
  5. Not really. These tend to sit on a particular type of purple/pink flower, so if you walk reasonably slowly along jungle paths with good dappled sunlight it is not too hard to spot them. Having said that, on occasions I have found one and pointed it out to my wife and she could not see it even after I pointed to it. And vice versa when she has found one. So I guess it is a mix of luck, good eyesight and being in the right light. And, of course, the right place. They are quite seasonal, so timing is important.
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