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  1. Weather cooperated enough to let the girls out for flights. Honey bees are wintering over well and everyone's happy. :)

  2. That one ootheca from the store never hatched, and all mantids are long since gone.

  3. The cactus didn't bother him? lol
  4. Haven't updated in a while... Mantids are doing well. :) I'm busy!

  5. Sub-adult female molted this morning. Now have two lovely M Religiosa ladies in their finest draperies.

    1. MandellaMandy123


      Congratulations! (And congratulations on getting your parents to let you have more than one) :D I just caught a female M religiosa last night! I still haven't named her. Have you named yours?

  6. Nice picture! It's easy to see the colors of the mantis with the subdued color of the purple background. I also like the texture of the paper.
  7. The feeder grasshoppers incessantly WHACKED into my female pre-/sub. I think we'll be sticking to flies for a while...

  8. Released the oodles of nymphs I caught. Kept the two lovely ladies: an adult and a pre-sub/sub. Now - who'll come a-courting?

  9. Caught 4 wild M. Religiosa outside!!! Now I have 4 nymphs and 1 adult... Pictures to follow, and then we'll sex them! :D

    1. ScienceGirl


      Caught more! This time a sub/pre-sub female.

    2. mantisloverguy6000


      oh i want a pair lol

  10. ScienceGirl

    L7 Female

    Those wing buds look identical to those of my M. Religiosa male nymph right now.
  11. Congratulations! Your female looks lovely. The male is cute, too.
  12. Definition of Indignance: the look that I'm rewarded with after misting my mantis

  13. Guess who LITERALLY found me?? That's right!!! Same place I lost him, while working on things, he crawled up my leg. :D

  14. ScienceGirl


    Look at that red color! Adult ghosts are SO beautiful.
  15. Haha! What big eyes they have! They look adorable. Love the little bit of horn they have at this instar!
  16. Awwh! Look at that little horn!
  17. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

  18. Oh my! Thank you for this, Wolfie! Personally, I like this Sepia better than black-and-white because I think it gives you more dimension. It really shows off the shades and light-points of the flower and the mantis.
  19. ScienceGirl


    Nice "mint chocolate chip" background to bring out his chocolate button eyes!
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